Ashley & Andrew


“The Lord laid on Ashley’s heart the desire to serve in Zambia in the medical ministry more permanently since 2015 where she has been working at Zimba Mission Hospital. She was born and raised in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, but the desire to serve overseas kept growing in her heart. In faith, following Christ’s leading to Zambia has changed Ashley’s heart towards what ministry and missions looks like in Zambia. God has brought countless opportunities to serve in many ways outside of medical missions as a platform. Through that, Ashley realizes her passion and desire to serve with Zambians has grown far much more in other areas of ministry as well. ‘As I work, live, and serve Christ moment by moment with the Zambian people, I have realized how much value there is in working with short term teams that may come to Zambia for many different reasons. The Lord has made clear to me how important it is to be a person who not only knows some of Zambian culture, but their home culture as well. The Lord has confirmed to me time and time again the preciousness of pouring into teams that may come to Zambia so they also are able to see and understand a little bit more of how God views His people.’

Andrew was born and raised in Zambia and works in the medical ministry. Through working together at Zimba Mission Hospital and only by the grace of God did Andrew and Ashley meet. Different backgrounds and cultures does not hinder The Lord from having His perfect plan prevail in our lives. Andrew’s and Ashley’s desire to continue serving in Zambia has opened their hearts to an abundance of possibilities of how they will be used here in years ahead. Together, they are overjoyed at how the fingerprints of God have been obvious and evident in their value in Zambia. ‘We cannot gather any glory and credit for the marvelous things we see happening in Zambia. Our hearts are enormously overwhelmed to see The Lord making this beautiful picture so that HIS glory is revealed among the nations.’ “

Andrew & Ashley

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